NC State Inspection in Durham, NC

Your Approved Inspection Station -- Chandler's Tire Auto & Towing

State Mandated Safety Inspections

Are you a new resident of North Carolina? If so, you may be unfamiliar with the state’s mandated vehicle safety inspections, routine checks that ensure your individual car is safe to operate on public roads. For drivers that keep up with their vehicle’s repairs and maintenance with routine visits to our auto shop — Chandler's Tire Auto & Towing in Durham, North Carolina — the NC State inspection is nothing more than a quick visit with our technicians. They’ll check over the list of required items and when your vehicle passes, you’ll be all set to renew your vehicle’s registration. If it’s been a while since your last visit to the auto shop for routine service, you might not feel so confident that your vehicle will pass. Chandler's Tire Auto & Towing is here to help drivers with their mandated inspections!

What We Check

The full list of items our technicians check during the NC State inspection can be found on the DMV’s website, so be sure to review their resources or speak with one of our staff members for more information before coming to our shop for inspection. If you know that an issue with your vehicle doesn’t meet regulations, let our technicians know before we start the inspection. We can repair the problem and ensure you pass inspection the first time — saving you time and stress!

Here are a few basic items included on the list to give you an idea of what our technicians will be looking for!

  1. Tire Tread & Inflation
  2. Operational & Undamaged Lights, Seatbelt, & Wiper Blades
  3. Functional Brakes
  4. Complete Steering Control
  5. Untinted Windows

Be sure to check with the DMV to determine when your vehicle will need another NC State Inspection. To renew registration, you must complete both the safety and emissions inspection. Make sure you visit Chandler's Tire Auto & Towing in Durham, North Carolina first! We are an approved inspection station!

Schedule Your Inspection

Is your vehicle due for its inspection? Contact us at (919)596-4547 or contact us to reserve time for your inspection that works best for your routine. Our technicians simplify your experience with a speedy process, so you won’t spend all day waiting at the auto shop. We don’t require an appointment for inspections, so feel free to stop by our shop any time to cross off your service from your to-do list! We are easy to find at 1314 E. Club Blvd off of N. Roxboro St. or exit 179 off I-85. We look forward to your visit!