Vehicle Impound Services

Do you have an abandoned vehicle or a non-customer parked in your lot? Has someone parked without a permit? If so, then you need our accounts manager Michael Moore to clear your space. Chandler's Auto Tire & Towing Services will come and inspect your property for proper signage, then help you set up your property so that you can have vehicles legally towed from your lot.

Chandler's Towing will provide you with stickers for you to place on your signs with our information so the registered owner is made aware of where their vehicle has been towed. We will also provide your company with the legal requirements necessary to have vehicles towed. Chandler's Towing is licensed within the cities where we have contracts, allowing us to provide private property impounds. When a property owner has the legal right to have a vehicle removed, we will tow the vehicle free of charge to our secure lot, where the registered owner can come and pay the fees to retrieve their vehicle anytime 24/7.

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Chandler's Towing is an award-winning tow company serving Durham, Raleigh and the surrounding cities. You can trust us to provide professional and prompt towing and vehicle impound services when needed.

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