Chandler's Towing has a fleet of more than 13 vehicles prepared to assist you, from utility service trucks and wheel lift trucks and a flatbed. We use the newest technology in all of our trucks as well as our office, where we have a dispatcher on duty 24 hours a day.

Our system generally operates in this way:

  • You call Chandler's Towing Service
  • Chandler's Towing Service utilizes our customized computer software system that tracks and stores all vehicle descriptions, locations, and owner information
  • Along with the TOWBOOK computer system, this routes all information for a call through the system to the dispatcher
  • The dispatcher tracks the closest driver through the GPS system
  • Your call is sent to that driver, who receives it on a iPhone

Along with our computer systems, we also have direct contact with all drivers through a cellphone service.

Why You Can Trust Chandler's Towing

When you call a towing service, the last thing you want is for a dingy tow truck to show up with an unprofessional driver who treats you poorly and doesn’t seem to know what he or she is doing. You will NEVER receive such treatment when you call Chandler's Towing!

Reasons to call us include the following:

  • Services available 24/7 with arrival within 30 minutes to nearby cities
  • All of our trucks go through an extensive, yearly inspection by the North Carolina DMV
  • We continually rotate our equipment to stay competitive and up-to-date
  • We use nothing but the BEST QUALITY tools
  • We are equipped with specialized equipment
    • Equipped for towing motorcycles, classic and high-end cars
  • All staff attends multiple training courses
  • We attend courses throughout the year to keep up with the current techniques
  • We speak Spanish (ask to speak with William)!
  • We tow for Cottman's Transmission, WestGate Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Quality Transmissions, and many more!

Contact Us for All Your Towing Needs

Whether you need your car towed from the scene of an accident, your classic beauty towed to the body shop, your motorcycle towed to a repair facility, or your broken down truck on the freeway towed home, you can count on Chandler's Towing to help get you through. We have been servicing this area for over 51 years and have built multiple relationships with the businesses here. We tow for many of the local auto body shops and auto dealerships, helping us to build a strong reputation for professionalism and service.

Call today at (919) 596-4547 to find out what we can do for you!

We tow local and long distance, with arrival within 45 minutes of Durham, North Carolina to Raleigh, North Carolina.